“Dry September” is a short story by William Faulkner. Published in , it describes a lynch mob forming (despite ambiguous evidence) on a hot September. Reading William Faulkner’s short stories is an excellent way to approach his major works. Although his Summary and Analysis: “Dry September” Introduction. 4 Dec Read this sharp analysis of the violence in William Faulkner’s short story ‘ Dry September.’.

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Published init describes a lynch mob forming despite ambiguous evidence on a hot September evening to avenge an alleged and unspecified insult or attack upon a white woman by a faulkher watchman, Will Mayes.

Whether Will Mayes has actually molested Miss Minnie Cooper does not seem important to most of the men in the barbershop. She relaxes william faulkner dry september her porch in the morning, and gets dressed up in thin, bright dresses and goes to town in the afternoon with her female friends.

She is one or two years shy of When she was 26 or 27 she started dating a widowed bank clerk who smelled of william faulkner dry september.

They cool her with ice, but can’t stop her from laughing, and screaming.

Faulkner’s Short Stories

Butch explains that he’s been trying to express that same point to the men. After two months without rain, the small southern town of Jefferson has an explosive atmosphere.

In Part 2 we meet Minnie. You’ve been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds She has no occupation, no social position, and no intellectual interests. Views Read Edit View william faulkner dry september.

Faulkner also appears to be using symbolism in the story, particularly the weather. He hides in a ditch until the other car of angry men passes, and then starts walking toward town.

Faulkner may also be suggesting, through William faulkner dry september, that the hierarchical system in the South black people beginning at the bottom of it may also need to be looked at. So if you run across a copy, hold onto it.

It is also at the beginning of the story that Faulkner explores the theme of gossip and rumour. The media, so much a part of our lives, can also serve as a gigantic, rumor factory — from celebrity gossip, to so-called “hard news” and everything in between, it’s hard to ferret out the truth of any given situation.

By organising a lynch mob, McLendon is william faulkner dry september the law into his own hands and dispensing what he considers to be justice killing Will Mayes. In Dry September by William Faulkner we have the theme of gossip, rumour, reliability, repression, justice, hypocrisy and prejudice. When the other car of angry men passes, McLendon drives after them, and drives out of town. One of the barbers, a man named Henry Hawkshaw Hawk for shortsays that he knows the black man, Will Mayes, and Minnie, a white woman around forty years old.

She hears people talking william faulkner dry september her, and about the rumor.

Dry September Summary –

She used to be fairly cute, but when her friends from “better” families started looking down on her and ignoring her, she septembwr to look strained and eventually dropped out of the social william faulkner dry september. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dermot Post Author October 11, She lives with her mother and her aunt.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Hawkshaw begins to feel william faulkner dry september and when the driver won’t stop to let him out, he jumps.

Trapped by her advancing age, she fantasizes, hoping that the mere hint of rape will prove her still sexually desirable. Everybody in town felt sorry for her; they also considered her an adulteress. When septenber member of the group gathered in the barber shop william faulkner dry september what really happened, McLendon whirls on the speaker and asks: Told in five parts, the story includes the perspective of the rumored female victim, Miss Minnie Cooper, and of the mob’s leader, John McLendon.

Both cars stop and the men get out. William faulkner dry september Wishing Tree These Thirteen is worth big bucks. Adam Bede has been added to your Reading List! Although the story revolves around the killing of Will Mayes, the actual act of killing is omitted in order to keep willima attention focused on the causes of the violence, and on the mental and physical atmospheres that breed such senseless and random acts of cruelty.

I really appreciate with this note…. Removing book from your William faulkner dry september List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. The theme of justice or rather the lack of it is also explored in the story. Her family was fairly well off, but not “the best” 1. It was originally published in Scribner’s magazine, and later appeared in collections of his short stories.

He physically abuses his wife, and his house is described as “a birdcage and almost as small. He repeats his insinuation about Minnie.

Short Story Analysis: Dry September by William Faulkner – The Sitting Bee

Now there are only four men in the car. Will william faulkner dry september and asks what the problem is, saying he is innocent of any wrongdoing. Perhaps the reality of what faullkner has done lied about Will Mayes has become too much for her.

Facebook Twitter Google Email Print. Angrily, a man in the barber shop, Butch, asks how the barber can take the word of a black man over that of a white woman.