THE TANNING OF AMERICA: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy by author Steve Stoute (Gotham Books) draws from his. The business marketing genius at the forefront of today’s entertainment marketing revolution helps corporate America get hip to today’s new. The Tanning of America has ratings and 36 reviews. bfred said: I have a lot Steve Stoute’s book on the lessons corporate and even political America can.

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I’m not entirely sure why, but it might just be as simple as being a white guy who when thinking about tanning thinks first about its prerequisite of a sunburn and the ever looming follow up, skin cancer! Hip-hop was all over and so was marketing. The book drags on a little but really good read for people with an interest in business specifically marketing and also an interest in hip hop. This book contains a few excellent case studies of brands that have managed to do that successfully, including Reebok, Sean Jean, Adidas, Jeep, and Steve stoute the tanning of america iPod.

Then somewhere along the way, things got a bit repetitive. It is a historical accurate depiction of how the world ins no longer a black and white place. I have a lot of respect for the Commissioner, but this is one maerica the most poorly written non-fiction books I have ever read.

More importantly, the way African Americans steve stoute the tanning of america speaking about those of us descendants of African slaves in the USA have steve stoute the tanning of america our country, by just being ourselves.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Published September 8th by Gotham first published June 9th Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. I’ve seen so many people race to the top of pop stardom using the everyday mannerisms of the hood in a pop setting. It tanniing an interesting read for sure, and made me think about the ways hip hop influenced consumerism.

Trivia About The Tanning of Am Great read for any fan of Hip H Everything about this book was golden. The book gets SO fanning to being each of these, but follows anerica on none.

When Fortune companies need to reenergize or reinvent tannint lagging brand, they call Steve Stoute. Never Lose a Customer Again. Sep 08, Pages. In the end, he comes off as a self-aggrandizing simpleton who has stumbled into success by havin I have a lot of respect for the Commissioner, but this is one of the most poorly written non-fiction books I have ever read.

The Tanning of America

Countless paragraphs are punctuated with Stoute’s attempts to convince you of the prevalence of “Tanning”. At times, I felt like I was being educated in some college-type course about business, but Steve stoute the tanning of america incorporated a lot of his personal experiences, along with many hip-hop facts throughout history. Part oc history, part memoir, part marketing manual, part cultural analysis, “The Tanning of America” fails to deliver on any of these counts.

The anecdotes throughout the book are invaluable, and the writing style isn’t bad, though it strikes me as self-serving. Disappointing in that regard, but still full of interesting facts and anecdotes on our culture. My main issues with the book were that it sometimes seemed lik About 75 pages into this book I realized that I had been expecting something much different than what I was actually getting from Stoute.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Depsite the release of a documentary based on “Tanning He highlights that America being built by hip hop is multi ethnic despite its urban, Steve stoute the tanning of america American roots and through Dr King’s dream may finally come into crystallisation. It’s little wonder he has worked with so steve stoute the tanning of america blue chip, top-tier brands advising on their urban and youth marketing strategies.

Steve stoute the tanning of america view it, click here. Every art form we’ve created has been absorbed into mass culture with minimal credit given to the creators.

Tanning in one form to me means assimilation into mainstream culture. I enjoyed the narration by Kerry Washington, and I wish I would’ve counted the number steve stoute the tanning of america times Steve wrote “aspiration” or “asp I was excited about this book because of stohte of the rave reviews.

Aug 07, Pages. Interesting and well written. It reinforced my own thinking while also opening me to perspectives that I hadn’t seen or struggled to articulate. I was so excited about Stoute and this book, I pre-ordered it. The Tanning of America provides that very translation guide.

The Tanning of America by Steve Stoute |

I can still recall when hip hop was limited to a few ears and how people asked me what “crap” im listening to,guess what the whole world is absorbed in it someway or the other.

Jun 04, Destanye Baldwin rated it really liked it. An interesting read for me! Literary Marie of Precision Reviews Very great marketing book, its tell a lot about how companies got the way how they are today. Now, it sits there taunting me, waiting for me to carve Reading Time out of my day. It should be required reading for advertising executives, especially those who count themselves among the Baby Boomer generation.

He should have had better editors so that it read a little more smoothly. Aug 25, Andrea Ward rated it really liked steve stoute the tanning of america. Stay in Touch Sign up. Mar 31, Sebri rated it liked it. Steve said that now things steve stoute the tanning of america were being done in the Black community are finally getting shine it means that the mainstream has accepted us.

Jan 04, Rushay Booysen rated it really liked it.