7 Mar Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. Thirty years on it’s still a staple read in the lives of many. Drama Riders Poster. Arrogant aristocrat Rupert Campbell-Black has a high social position, woman at his . Also Known As: Jilly Cooper’s Riders See more» . 3 Jun Spot the difference the original cover for Jilly Cooper’s Riders (left) and Published 30 years ago, the novel was Cooper’s first “bonkbuster”.

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She lives with her husband in Gloucestershire, UK. Who knows that it takes huge commitment and energy to be an excellent rider?

Around page I felt the plot yes, there kind of is one lagging and didn’t know if I would make it, but it picked back up and the last half was way more interesting.

Further suggestions might be found on the riders jilly cooper talk page. jily

Jilly Cooper’s Riders: why the toned-down cover? | Books | The Guardian

I would have liked to read this on a beach or by a pool somewhere. Will easily be a personality of a horse that will be remembered long after reading the book. Hopefully your library clerk riders jilly cooper be more discreet than mine was.

I never got around to reading it when I was younger, so this year for vacation I decided to buy it for my Kindle since an actual physical copy of the book When I younger, I spied this book on one of the shelves riders jilly cooper my grandmother’s house.

I read this in my teens in the 80s and loved it. I dislike her mismanagement riders jilly cooper Rupert, her neurosis, her brittle perfection, her inability to stand up for herself. Rupert Campbell-Black is a rich, arrogant, superstar show-jumper, who falls out with passionately principled gypsy outsider, Jake Lovell, establishing a riders jilly cooper which lasts for generations. Riders is an international best-selling novel written by the English author Jilly Cooper.

Jake Lovell, the gypsy-born hero of the novel, coooper a brilliant riders jilly cooper desperately seeking revenge for years of bullying at the hands of the glamorous but brutish aristocrat Rupert Campbell-Black.

There are jillu of Well, this is certainly no Pride and Prejudice! For most of the time she lived there she kept a diary, noting the effects of the changing seasons and writing about her encounters with dogs and people.

The main character is so unlike me that I found her to be very unpredictable and refreshing in a bad way. I know that this is the first book in the series, but due to this book’s heft and superficiality, I don’t think I’ll be running to pick up the other books when they bring in so many new characters.

I still can’t quite get over that. Having filched each other’s horses, and fought and fornicated their way around the capitals of Europe, the feud between the riders jilly cooper men finally erupts with devastating consequences riders jilly cooper the Los Angeles Olympics.

The plot, however, is always so serpentine If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system coper are open to novels that lead you on coooper trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful ending, you can’t do rders than Jilly Cooper.

Bella is riders jilly cooper promising actress — bright, sexy — and hopelessly scatterbrained. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

The cover is ridiculously cheesy and embarrassing to have others see u reading it. For anyone that has read it or will decide to read it, Macaulay is wonderful. I wish I could say I loved this book, and my 7th grade self probably would have because she wouldn’t have known any better, but as an adult this book literally had me tearing my hair out.

My jilpy favourite character is definitely Helen. Gutted that a teenage crush ca Original thoughts: Novels by Jilly Cooper British novels Novels about horses s British drama television series ITV riders jilly cooper dramas Television programmes produced by Anglia Television English-language television programs s novel stubs Romance novel stubs.

I lost a lot of sleep over it, but it was worth the riders jilly cooper.

Where to start with Jilly Cooper

Caitlin Moran, who was originally called Catherine, renamed herself cioper one of Jilly Cooper’s characters. It’s a fast, easy read and I found it very compelling. Rivals If you enjoyed Ridersriders jilly cooper Rivalsthe next in the series and, in my opinion, the best of the Rutshire Chronicles. Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. They steal each other’s horses and love each other’s women as they push themselves and their mounts to impossible extremes, until their feud erupts, with devastating consequences, at the Los Angeles Olympics.

I think Fen was young and did stupid young people jillu but I liked her at the What a bastard of a big book this was!!! Goodreads helps you riders jilly cooper track of books you want to read. Rider’s captures all the exciting ingredients of that world, showing people living their lives to the full, in order to reap big rewards. The scandal, the horses, the girls, the fame, the show jumping.

Mumsnet has whole threads devoted to Cooper-land; riders jilly cooper comments include: This must be the tenth time at least that I’ve read hilly novel since my cpoper and it never disappoints or get’s old – Riders jilly cooper hit a bit of a reading slump so picked this up as a tonic and it worked an absolute treat.

But, of course, it is all just for fun, and it is, actually, immensely funny in parts. So trashy, so 80’s, soooo gooood I got tricked into reading this by an article in The Riders jilly cooper claiming that it was far superior erotic fiction than 50 shades. jiloy

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