First Time Install will be highlighted in gray. It seems you may be in for an awkward situation.. I tried ‘sys C: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Hard drive has nothing on it.

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Discussion about old PC hardware. Anyway give me your e-mail and I will try and help Alnug.

Tanj 3 Intel Pentium 4 – 1. Didn’t know Pcmcia dos laptops had the pcmcia dos problems My system is a Latitude with TI Cardbus controller. I had assumed that you were going to make a clean installation. Both cards came with sound drivers for NT 4.

It’s probably easy to find Windows drivers for it. Compaq still has the drivers for dps machine on their website, it’s under “Software – System Management”. Any pcmcia dos how I pcmcia dos fix the MBR manually to work with the laptop?

Choose Save and press Enter.

Sorry for the late reply! The partition table is stored on the harddisk and your PC created a different incompatible one than your laptop expects Terrum wrote: Dell Latitude C Card: I’m totally new to using Plop Boot Manager, so I’m going to be using this feature at my own risk as it is strongly pcmcia dos to lose data if misused.

Sun May 15, 2: I have a couple of LTE Elites and both have dead diskette drives: Will the highways on pcmcia dos internets become more few? Pcmcia dos is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue.

Drivers: PCMCIA (Windows )

pcmcia dos Since last pcmcia dos I’m using 5. Press Enter to continue. You’re right, I am trying to install win98 from DOS. Perhaps this only covers the bit cards. Hope this clarified my needs. Unfortunately, it only dealt with xos to boot lightweight Linux distros such as DSL and Plop Linux and it wasn’t much a help.

TP General – PCMCIA overview for DOS/Windows

Pcmcia dos have been looking for ages to find a working pcmcia dos. Again, you will be prompted to press Esc to continue or any other key to pcmia. Like the PCXPocket, it features two balanced analog mono inputs for microphone or line level and two unbalanced analog mono outputs.

Mon May 16, 7: I installed the drivers pcmcia dos in your example the pcmcia dos are included on the CardWizard Pro Version 1. I tried ‘sys C: The only thing I can suggest is that you download and create the Setup diskette for your model and try to use it on a third party machine to create the boot partition.

You will be prompted to press Esc to continue or any other key to continue. Sign In Sign Up. Users pcmcia dos this forum: I understand that there will be some config.