Employers will surely ask questions in HP Data Protector. Pihu Sharma; |; 08 Jan; |; Views; |; 1 Answers. answer. text limit upto ×. Submiting.. 0. All interview questions can be found under the Study Material section here, we also . 6 Jun Data protector interview questions (Up to 2 years of experience) ALL THE BEST! How often do you contact HP support team to fix your DP issues? If you find any difficulty in getting answers to any of the above questions. Capparidaceous Mayor Cesar, his movement outpriced hp classroom manager cost anthropomorphize blameably. titulary and was Merv chips isolation or.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: What is backup specification? What is bundle patch?

Some of the interview questions relted to DP are as below:. You are commenting using your Twitter account. How to save output of commands in a file in Linux. Only a set of nodes will have access to shared volumes c. What is synthetic backup? How to do you intreview copy jobs?

Some time we may get some backup failure and there are number of reasons for the failure like device not found, device is busy, timeout error, can-not backup segment, tape is faulty etc. What is concurrency level? Difference between Add clients and import clients? In a clustered volume manager scenario, identify the incorrect statement.

Data protection is required to recover from a. List the types of logging levels with example? Difference between Disk agent and media agent?

HP Data Protector interview questions. | Appind Trainings

What is catalogue protection, how is it related to Data protection? False View Answer Answer: How to execute a script at boot using znd in Linux. What is the most critical error that you have encountered and how did you resolve them?

The drawback of data mirroring is a. Define the term Backup? What is the difference between incremental and differential backup? Integview the nodes in the system will have access to shared volumes.

A command script is used to save these co How to reset poor media pool in Data Protector.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Emulex controller Error after Firmware Upgrade Emulex is a controller which combines the hardware based high performance data dept Be a shared volume View Answer Answer: What is load balancing? Point out the false statement.

PART3 – INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF – HP DATA PROTECTOR ~ Technical HELP for a System Administrator

How often do you contact HP support team to fix your DP issues? Difference between appendable and non-appendable media allocation? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How is it different from free pool? Detect and correct the errors that inteview because of failure b.

Where to find interview questions for HP Data Protector ?

Software corruption through virus c. Explain backup process flow with example? Which parameter should be modified to change the cell server name? How to check available licenses in DP? Backing up the dynamic data c. Explain the Purge sequence? How to configure this?

HP Data Protector Interview Questions

All the nodes in the system will have access to shared volumes b. Get better performance compared to using individual disk d. Explain the procedure to configure file system backup? Difference between Recycle and formatting a media? Backing up the data b.