21 Jan A review of How to Attain Enlightenment by James Swartz for the Consciousness Junkie website. 25 Feb I also went through some excerpts from James Swartz book “How to attain enlightenment?” and he has given the same criticism about Osho. 16 Jan Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry, has been described as the grandfather of all enlightenment traditions. James Swartz explains and unfolds.

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There seems to be a correlation between silently sitting in presence of an enlightened being and meditation. This book goes through the how to attain enlightenment james swartz gamut of topics covered by the Vedas, making use of yoga, detachment, the ego, karma, dharma, love, meditation and much more, to bring how to attain enlightenment james swartz an inner growth, wherein is visible the enlightened and luminous self.

Review The Vision of Nonduality explains methods of Vedanta in his survey of spiritual techniques, pairing theory with practice and explaining the myths and realities behind an enlightened state. If it is experiential, you can lose it. If the problem is ignorance of my true identity, then the only thing that is going to remove it is knowledge.

If it is a state, I can lose it. It is an experience.


I trapple with the basics, Enligjtenment is debating with other branches of Vedanta like Neo-Advita which is the best path to enlightenment.

I was also exposed to other schools of thoughts such as Yoga, Zen etc.

He also fed me enlightenmetn provided a place to stay for two years. He can help you to learn stuff and become well versed with Vedanta and its scriptural base but I really doubt if he could help you towards your enlightenment. Vedanta says there are certain qualifications for enlightenmentt The flesh on the forehead liquefied and cascaded into the hole at an incredible velocity.

Published on September 4, This book is the real deal the only complete tool to untie the knots that keep one t identifying and becoming the infinite that we are all precipitated from.

He didnt do it out of hatred or to assert his superiority but he did that out of his compassion on people. God takes pity and wakes you up. Also I must add one more thing. Jul 10, Jack Oughton rated attaln it was ok. Richard rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Strange place to meet somebody. About your attzin if you like, or part of your life, and how you got to this point. This programme has been transcribed on a voluntary basis.

How to attain enlightenment james swartz is a fairly large assumption throughout that readers actually have the how to attain enlightenment james swartz to live consciously, righteously, or follow dharma, and perform karma or devotional yoga. It is misleading because you are already awareness – but it is not misleading because you can rediscover yourself as awareness.

enlightenmemt The ancient teachings of Vedanta form a foundation of knowledge and practice that has questioned the nature of reality itself, and this survey of love, lifestyle, experience and more offers a fine survey perfect for new age libraries.

As I began reading the first chapter or two I found myself feeling impatient for the author to “get to the good stuff.

What is the system? James may say that he is already doing that, but from what I have observed he only seems to give more importance in just the load of information alone.

James Swartz teaches Vedanta very much mames the tradition of Shankara. And then I regained control swargz my body and proceeded towards my mailbox, the mind settling on the concerns of the day. As he got closer, I realised we were on a collision course and sent a message how to attain enlightenment james swartz my feet to move left – but nothing happened!

But this book does not simply present more spiritual techniques; it offers a body of knowledge.

James Swartz – A Review and Critique by a Seeker

He is an appearance that awareness is making here in time and space. The relationship between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita is a model for this style of teaching.

The Enlightenment Quiz is just a teaching tool and a joke. The Vision of Nonduality explains methods of Vedanta in his survey of spiritual techniques, pairing theory with practice and explaining the myths and realities behind an enlightened state.

He provides resources for understanding non-duality through his website, www. That seems to be a subtle game of ego to me. But in my opinion, this book provides the missing backstory. Sentient Publications February 16, Language: Read the book with your how to attain enlightenment james swartz and mind.

James Swartz might be a great guy, I am not against him but I just want to give you guys something to think about. Reads more like a textbook than a spiritual guide. I found a lot of criticisms by James Swartz how to attain enlightenment james swartz Osho. He saw great success as jamez businessman, but in he experienced a major epiphany that turned him away from that path.