Bienvenido a nuestra pagina especializada en cisco ccna v, donde compartimos bastante material de estudio como examenes, laboratorios, tests online y mucho mas. CCNA 2 v · Exámenes Cisco CCNA 3 v · Exámenes Cisco CCNA 4 v CCNA v Cisco CCNA 1 v Examen Final Español Opción C. CCNA 3 v This course describes the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in larger and more complex networks. Students learn. 8 Dec CCNA 3 R&S: Scaling Networks Final Exam Answers v + v CCNA 3 Scaling Networks Chapter 9 v5 Exam Answers 1.

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What is the destination IP address of the return packet from the web server? What is the likely problem? Relocate the APs closer to each other. Which Examen final ccna 3 v4.0 Relay flow control mechanism is used to signal examem that they should reduce the flow rate of frames?

It prevents loops in a switched network with redundant paths. A successful trunk will be established if the remote switch is non-Cisco but the port is configured for trunking. In a three-layer hierarchical network design, which distribution layer function delineates broadcast domains? While configuring a network, a technician wired each end of a Category 5e cable as shown.

Which two ifnal are true about IPv6 link local addresses? A network f4.0 is instructing a technician on best practices for applying Examen final ccna 3 v4.0.

The MAC address uses eight bytes of the bridge Ezamen leaving only two bytes for the bridge priority value. Pre-installation surveys showed strong signal strength from the AP locations to the client locations. What is a possible problem? The switch port fails to autonegotiate the duplex setting and defaults to half duplex, which causes a duplex mismatch.

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Using the command copy tftp: The interface is examen final ccna 3 v4.0 configured to transmit data. Which switches in the hierarchical three-layer design model support these network requirements? This entry was posted by admin on January 8, at 3: All nodes on the A non-proprietary trunking protocol is in use.

The PC and the default gateway have different bandwidth Ethernet ports. The administrator cannot ping the server.

The port will transition into blocking state. Routers do not support The router will drop the packet. The command contained a syntax error. The following commands were entered on a router: A network administrator is attempting to configure a Frame Relay network. Available bandwidth is reduced MAC addresses are easily spoofed. The IP address of computer 1 is in the wrong logical network. What will the router do with this packet?

R1 can ping computer 3 examen final ccna 3 v4.0 cannot ping computer 1.

What should be done to fix the problem? The port is shut down. All trunk links are operational and all VLANs are allowed on all trunk links. Add a trunk link that directly connects D1 and D2.

All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1. This is required if a web server or web farm is attached to the switch.

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R1 is performing NAT overload for the What part of the configuration is most likely incorrect? Based on the output of the commands, what can be done to solve the problem?

The configuration steps that are listed in the exhibit have been entered in switch S1 via the console. The result is that frames are being dropped. Which IP address should be assigned to this new host?