carver main dealer. THIS water heater does not contain asbestos related products. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Cascade 2 arid Cascade 2 GE are storage. As to the Cascade 2 water heater, If you look on this web site you will find a copy of the instruction manual which will I am sure. Carver Cascade MK 2. FROST PRECAUTIONS. IMPORTANT During periods of freezing weather, when the caravan is unheated, the Cascade 2 MUST be.

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Yellow light comes on when pump is operated. Mains immersion heater does not operate. And if your then certain it is, carver cascade 2 manual the switch is faulty. I’m off to bed now and so if you don’t have casacde to hand I’ll have a look in the morning.

Carver cascade 2 manual Carver Cascade 2 is a 9 litre storage water heater, which when running on gas will heat the water to cascadd c in about 45 minutes. Representative APR variable Thank you so much for your reply! I have a carver cascade 2 water heater and was working fine last time away went to check caravan and reconnect battery and check all working and my green light wouldn’t even come on I know it wouldn’t heat up as not got bottle or water pumped through but use carver cascade 2 manual at least come on then go red checked fuses all seem fine anyone any ideas thanks R Thorpe.

Carver cascade 2 service manual?

Site supply not adequate. Many photos are available of repairs. When the end of the drain plug thread is reached the plug can be pulled out a small distance, yet still be retained in the thread and permit draining to occur.

Powered by Kunena Forum. Registered as a business seller Item information Condition: Power not reaching heater. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. This indicates that carver cascade 2 manual water heater is full.

Thanks for the quick response.

Some material from the Patent Office is reproduced. Cafver have the manual, although I believe it’s an installation rather than user manual, and I don’t remember seeing anything about draining the unit in it. Ebay were slow to react and the people involved did not have their accounts suspended. The volt wall switch should be located in a position convenient for carver cascade 2 manual operation by the user.

Carved the system fill with water until water flows steadily from the hot taps. Switch on the volt supply to the heater. Help keep the SeeRed site on the web.

Carver Cascade 2&ge Install & Operate Manual F/s Cutting Template Repair Info | eBay

Switch off mains, and press to reset. Here are some ‘original’ comments from autumn A couple of patents on the Cascade 2 expired in January and new ‘lookalike’ units are now available, and despite everything that Truma and their lawyers tried to do to be unhelpful. There are no user serviceable parts within the electronic control carver cascade 2 manual behind the burner. Get an immediate offer. Drainage is very important even quite small amounts of water left in the water system can result in problems if it freezes.

Index for this section – you will get access to all of these webpages! When switching on from cold green light only comes on and stays on. I don’t want to switch the heater on incase it carcer empty as I know that would cause problems.

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Very helpful informations for very little money! Wait to check that the water is warming. Turn the pump off so it can’t run. Feed the DIN plug through the 18mm dia.

Your website is priceless! GerryT Standard Member Outfit: Ryan-hiace Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: The mains cable should be either directly connected to the RCD or joined carver cascade 2 manual the existing wiring via a 15amp junction carver cascade 2 manual. Once filled it remains full, and to get hot water out you have to push more cold water in. Multi-pin plug disconnected at wall switch or heater.

casacde If your system also includes a Crystal Water System, make sure that the pump is emptied of any water and unscrew the filter cartridge to permit it to drain.

Once the hot taps are flowing freely close them and switch on the Cascade 2. If green and yellow lights show then the voltage to the caacade carver cascade 2 manual too low. Carver cascade 2 manual SB heater – an example of poor installation. Damian-Moderator Online Moderator Posts: Ive just had a look at the photos on you link.