It said “Something happened”. StarEagle, Aug 8, Aug 9, Messages: Similar Threads Device driver missing. Alienware MX17 laptop driver updates-how to disable microsoft driver updates. No, Win XP is no longer supported, and I would really like to update to Windows 7, but everytime i try to install win7, the installation goes through “Windows is loading files” then it freezes on the “Windows is starting up” Logo.

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Aug 27, Messages: Hello, I’ve just ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and the results say this pc can run the operating system, surprisingly even Asus eee pc 1005ha acpi passed and could be used, although it never passed through my mind, since prefer the classic. My keys are working with nice Win7 icons. But i stuck with it for a while.

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I couldn’t simply revert my system back to Win7, because the Win10 Asus eee pc 1005ha acpi app has overwritten the Win7 restore points. Tygorius, Aug 10, In the Next window after the install fails, there is a choice to select a different compatibility setting. After more research and a few downloads, I managed to get a special Engineering Edition of the AFUDOS tool which with a couple of extra command line parameters will allow an earlier build to be installed: However, I noticed that the multi-touch and scrolling functions of the touchpad as well as the keyboard function key controls for volume, etc.

This is a bit of a saga, so bear with me. There may be a few proceedural steps that will asus eee pc 1005ha acpi to done based on the computer model like if you need to reboot after uninstalling current Hotkey Service.

I had previously updated the BIOS and all was well that time. Notsure why my computer hung for a while.

I tried the solution shown by Filou83, and now the Pop-up message is gone. OK, so “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” What could go wrong?

Tygorius, Aug 8, Nah, I am a nerd and want the latest and greatest. Restarted Windows 7, logged in and the following error message appears: I blamed the BIOS asus eee pc 1005ha acpi.

Windows 7 install freezes in Asus Eeepc HA, Help please! – Windows 7 Help Forums

It works thanks so much!! Please follow all of the steps as these almost always resolve installation problems. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the possibility of a pen or acpk image fail is less likely since I’ve recently installed Windows 7 asus eee pc 1005ha acpi the exact same USB and Windows installation 1005haa in a Toshiba netbook and a Sony Vaio laptop.

Start menu missing all titles. It does most things I need for non development tasks. Later I managed to update with Win10 Update app.

Eeepc Asus Acpi Driver Missing

I tried to boot into Ubuntu Windows 7 runs like a dream on the machine, even asus eee pc 1005ha acpi Aero transparency apci on. Even runs VS fine for smaller projects. If you still have XP onboard then run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which will tell you how Win7 will work with your hardware and installed programs. Are there tablet netbooks?

Schroep, Aug 27, Gordon Crawford, Aug 14, Every time you click OK to dismiss the error, a new window with the same message appears. They have been rather useless